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Student and Staff Survey

Students and school based staff will take the online survey during February 13-24, 2017.


Notice to parents

2017 School Climate and Connectedness Survey – Grades 3-12 only and school-based staff.

ASD is partnering with the Associaton of Alaska School Boards and Panorama Education to conduct the survey.  This is a statewide survey that measures how students and staff view their school climate, and how connected students feel to adults and peers. These are all factors directly linked to improved academic achievement and reduced risk behaviors.The survey is voluntary, anonymous, confidential, and does not ask questions about students’ families. If you wish to review the survey click on the link below. If you do not want your child to take the survey, please notify the school office in writing.The PDF below is for viewing purposes only.  The actual survey will be administered at the school.   2017 Student Survey Grade 6-12