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Parent Volunteer Coordinator Needed

ERHS is in need of a Parent Volunteer Coordinator for the 2016-17 school year


ERHS Parent Volunteer Coordinator Needed


The Parent Volunteer Coordinator for ERHS manages parent volunteers throughout the school year.  Most of the communication is done through email.  Parent names and email addresses are collected and as tasks are requested from staff, the coordinator sends out an email to parents requesting help.


The following are yearly events where parent help is appreciated:



  • This is a great opportunity to collect parent volunteer names and contact information as parents are in the building with their student.  A clipboard is placed on a table for parents to sign up to help.
  • Parent volunteer help is necessary to help with distributing information, collection of important data, etc


  • There are two conferences during the school year.  Parents are asked to bring potluck dishes for the ERHS staff during their lunch break.
  • The coordinator may pick a theme and track what foods are needed as well as coordinate set up and clean up.

Senior Events

  • Parents of seniors may be requested to help with Senior Breakfast, Senior Fun Day and Graduation Practice.


If this is something you can help with or if there are particular events you would be interested in coordinating, please contact Wendy Lescanec at:  Or call 742-2744. (Please note the office will be closed June 13 through July 15th.