The ERHS Cafeteria serves Breakfast from 7:00 am to 7:28 am. 

Lunch is served from 10:24 am to 11:04 am. 


Money can also be added to student accounts on the ASD website through your Zangle Parent Connect account using your credit card.


New Meal Prices for SY17-18:

Breakfast:                                                                   Lunch:
ES $2.10                                                                     $3.65
MS $2.10                                                                     $4.05
HS $2.55                                                                     $4.50

Reduced Price: Breakfast $.30        Lunch $.40

Milk: $.50                                     Lactose Free: $.75

Adult Prices:
ES $3.00                                                                     $4.50

Mid/HS $3.50                                                              $5.00  


If you have questions, please contact Cafeteria Manager at 742-2747 or email using the address link above.