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Hours & Contact

7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
(907) 742-2700, Press 1 automated phone


New ASD Attendance Policy information. If your student will be absent the entire day…


Call the automated line at 742-2700 and identify yourself. Please leave the student’s name, spelling first and last name. Please make every attempt to call in your student’s absence no later than 9:00am.


If your student attends ERHS and KCC…

 If the student is going to be absent, you must contact both schools. KCC’s number is 742-8900.


If your student is going to be absent three or more days and you know in advance…

If your student is planning to be absent for 3 days or longer, a PreApproved Absence Form must be filled out. The completed form should be submitted to the main office about a week before the planned absence for approval consideration.


Call the Attendance Office at 742-2720 for more attendance information.


The Attendance Office also maintains a Lost and Found. If your student has lost anything, please have them stop by and take a look!