Military Family Support

MFLC Letter and Permission Form


Gina Wall

ASD/ERHS Military Student Counselor
  • Services Provided: Academic, crisis, social, and emotional support.  Also, a Project Connect Grant facilitator.
  • Contact Information:


MFLC (Military Family Life Consultant)

  • Services Provided: Non-medical counseling support to military students, families, and school staff. Provide brief solution focus, problem solving, observations and presentations.
  • Contact Information:
    • Phone: 440-8003
    • At ERHS on Wednesday and Friday

Adele Daniels

JBER School Liaison Officer (assigned to ERHS)
  • Services Provided: Assist military students and families with issues pertaining to transitions and how these transitions impact a student’s education. Assist school personnel by providing information on the unique issues facing military students (specially upcoming deployments.) Provide school personnel with information and resources available to families on JBER.
  • Contact Information: